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219 Croydon Sydney Brothel

Rates: 30 min = $110, 45 min = $160, 60 min = $190

Address:  219 Elizabeth Street , Croydon, NSW, 2132

Contact: (02) 9799 5856


Nationalities: Asian, Australian, European, Indian, South American

Services Offered: full service

Blue Moon Brothel Sydney

Rates: 30 min = $280, 45 min = $300, 60 min = $350

Address: Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000  (call for address)

Contact: 0414 757 138


Nationalities: Coming soon

Services Offered: full service

Guaranteed Affair – Ashley Madison

Word of warning, I have not tried this service yet but having read the fine print it does seem like a pretty water tight guarantee. Anyway noticed the Ashley Madison ‘Guaranteed Affair’ ad a little while back and it got me to thinking, most of us are willing to pay $250 or so for some sexy time with a  lady at a Sydney brothel which is exactly how much it costs to try this guaranteed affair thing.

Basically you sign up for the special guaranteed program which means that if you do not find an affair within the timelimit you get all your money back. There are some conditions like you have to make a proper effort, send messages etc so read the conditions carefully when you start the program, but they all seem pretty easy to meet.

The thing is if it worked, you’d be getting a hell of a lot more play than just an hour, you’d be getting repeat action without having to pay for it… Seems like it would be worth a shot.

Anyway if you want to check it out, here is the link – Ashley Madison – Guaranteed Affair

It might be worth a look if you are starting to get sick of working ladies, or if you just want something with a little more emotional involvement.

XXX Blackbook

If you’re sick of the same old Sydney brothels, with the same boring Sydney girls, BlackBook is an open door to new, unexplored Sydney girls!  Think FaceBook for Sydney, and think FaceBook for Sydney sex. BlackBook is straight to the point; everyone joins for the same reason – no strings attached, no fees attached. With it’s powerful geolocator, you simply find local girls who wants the same thing you do, and NOTHING more.

Sign-up is instant and free. These Sydney girls are NOT looking to “date”. No strings, no confusion, no costs …. what are you waiting for? Just click on a profile below and check out the girls!

666 Waterloo – Brothel In Sydney

666 Waterloo is a Sydney brothel that has a great range of girls and very competitive prices.

Rates: 30 min = $100, 45 min = $160, 60 min = $200

Address:  666 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

Contact: (02) 9690 1926

Website: coming soon

Nationalities: Asian, Australian, European, Indian, Jamaican, Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern, South American

Services Offered: full service

Angel Town Brothel – Newtown

Rates: 30 min = $135, 45 min = $200, 60 min = $250

Address:  638 King Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042

Contact: (02) 9565 1236

Website: coming soon

Nationalities: Asian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

Services Offered: full service

Taren Point 64 brothel Sydney

Rates: 30 min = $85, 45 min = $130, 60 min = $150

Address:  64 Alexander Avenure, Taren Point, NSW, 2229

Contact: (02) 9524 1278


Nationalities: Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malayasian, Thai

Services Offered: full service, nude body massage

Riverwood Mature Ladies Sydney Brothel – Belmore Road

Riverwood Mature Ladies is a great little brothel in Sydney, in the south. It caters to a more particular taste, for those among us who like a more mature lady.

Rates: 30 min = $110, 45 min = $150, 60 min = $180

Address:  184B Belmore Road, Riverwood, NSW, 2210

Contact: (02) 9584 0148


Nationalities: Asian, Australian, Brazilian, Mature girls

Services Offered: full service

Sydney Brothels Review – Win A Free Hour With A Sexy Lady at a top Sydney Brothel

You may have noticed just to the right of this post, there is now a little notice about a competition we are running. Everyone on our email list will be in the draw for a free hour at a soon to be announced brothel in Sydney with the lady of your choice.

To be in the draw to win the complimentary free hour, all you need to do is enter your email address in the box to the right of this post and then confirm your email address. We’ll be drawing one email address out of a hat in coming weeks and that lucky person can then claim the prize at their leisure, all you have to do is let us know when you want to make your visit and we’ll sort out some free time for you at one of the best brothels Sydney has to offer.

You can enter with any email address you like, however it should be one you check reasonably often as the winner will need to confirm their acceptance in 48 hours otherwise we’ll be doing a redraw.

So just enter your email address in the box on the right and you’ll be in the draw to win an hour of sexy time with a classy lady in a luxurious Sydney brothel.

Sexual Slavery – How To Spot A Girl Working Against Her Will

At this site we all know the happiness a good punt can bring, to both parties involved. However I think we’d all agree that the choice to work in the sex industry is a very personal one that can only be made by the girl and never by anyone else.

Australia is an amazing country in a lot of ways, especially in the freedom we all share and enjoy, to live our lives without worry of oppression. However some in this country do not get to enjoy that freedom, due to being forced to work against their will in the sex industry, often for no money and with very little personal freedom. As punters this is not the sort of thing any reasonable man would want going on, though it might sometimes be that you may have visited a girl working against her will, without even realising it!

This is why I contacted a group called Project Respect and got a little advice for us all on how to spot if someone is being forced to work as a prostitute against their will. The below list is not exhaustive, but should give you an idea on what to look out for or at least help alarm bells ring in your head if things do not seem legit.

The indicators are:

– The woman has limited or no English.

– She looks upset, like she doesn’t really want to be there, or scared.

– The two predominant nationalities are South Korea or Thailand.

– She does sexual acts which most women won’t do.

– She doesn’t know much about where she is (ie she might not know the name of the brothel, only the street number, she doesn’t know how to get around the city).

– Sometimes trafficked women are more expensive than other women (or brothels with trafficked women are more expensive than those without) because the women are forced to do extra services.

Most of the bordellos in Sydney are very respectable places, so 99 times out of 100 you’ll be enjoying yourself with a girl who has consciously made the choice to work in this industry and is almost certainly enjoying herself too. But that one time, if you see something and report it, you might be saving a life.