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Nirvana Massage

Lots of photos of the girls on the website, worth checking out. This is what Nirvana offers:

Nirvana is a fully licensed brothel but by the choice of management we operate as an erotic massage parlour only. Any ‘extras’ outside the standard services offered will be a private agreement directly between the lady and the client at the time of the appointment.

Rates: ½ hour = $140.00, ¾ hour = $170.00, 1 hour = $200.00

Address: 400-402 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills

Contact: (02) 9319 6699 or (02) 9319 7799


2 Responses to Nirvana Massage

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  • Brad says:

    have been here a few times now and it is very clean modern looking place very friendly receptionists but the 1 thing Im not all that keen about is the way you meet the girls, rather then have them come 1 by 1 to you then the hostess asking you at the end who you want to see you are giving room numbers of who is available and then you go to each and pick 1, it id s little awkward to introduce yourself then say i might see you later or just a no, its like saying “thanks but id rather some other girl better looking” then when you go back “oh well looks like you will have to do then….”

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