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The Boardroom – Executive Style

Rates per hour: 1/2hr = $175, 3/4hr = $230, 1hr = $270

Suburb: Artarmon

Address: 27 Clarendon St, Artarmon. NSW, 2064


Contact: (02) 9438 2288

2 Responses to The Boardroom – Executive Style

  • joey says:

    MERCEDES the south american fatty is absolute RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!! dont even bother going to see her she is the true meaning of OLD COW!!!!!!!

    I wanted a refund when i saw she had herpes aaround her mouth

  • steve says:

    Recently visited sydney and went to the new centrefolds old boardroom the selection of girls were amazing.
    I had a double fanatasy with bambie and skye it felt like i was at the plaboy mansion with these two beautiful blonde women who provided me with the best unforgettable service iv’e ever had !
    the management were extremley helpful and provided exacltly what i needed and wanted a nightwith every mans fantasy.

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