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Tiffany’s Girls

Rates: 30 min = $190,   45 min = $260,   60 min = $300

Suburb: Surry Hills

Address: 99 Albion St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Contact: (02) 9211 3804 or (02) 92121195


3 Responses to Tiffany’s Girls

  • Paul says:

    Good place for sure. Doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it is very well appointed inside. Good variety of girls, ie not all Asian, and no pressure to pick straight away which annoys me – I want to see the full menu, not take the first cab off the rank, if I may mix metaphors. Only time I’ve ever tipped extra, which shows how good the service was.

  • Jason says:

    They do tend to have new ladies to try out all the time, so I do pop in quite often. I was with a new babe called Lana today. She is a little Asian chick, slim, big eyes, I think she must be half-caste.

    Goddamn she was tight, so fucking tight! I’v never tried such a tight creature! And when I was about to blow, she just held me like I was her boyfriend.
    Felt a little bit strange but good.
    I reckon I’ll go back again.

  • abbey says:

    i’been in tiffany;their receptionist was so sweet.she had looked me few ladies finally i choose one lady is “charlie”.i was so surprised that most of time she was arrogance. she made a rule for me, she’s not gonna kiss me and she did!then asked extra charge if wanna kiss!!!!!!!!! every time she make me confused!so rude behave!
    GUYZ plz be serious when u gonna choice lady!

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